Explore | Enjoy | Connect

TWIS is a clothing brand started by 2 travel lovers from the Netherlands. We love to travel the world, to explore places and to create memories that we will never forget. We love to connect with new people from different countries and different cultures all over the globe. 

Traveling offers freedom and joy, but it also brings you an invaluable experience which helps you further in life. The great thing about traveling is that you’re never done. There are so many amazing places around the world, that there’s always that one place that you still have to visit. While still having all these places on our bucket list, we think it’s important to keep thinking about the memories you’ve already made on the most beautiful places. What place gave you that incredible feeling, who were the people you connected with and had great fun with? We want to bring back those memories with our clothing. We create clothing for travel lovers all around the globe. 

With our designs we try to contribute to the best lifestyle out there, but we also want to create a worldwide community full of travel lovers. If you love to travel, feel free to join our Facebook Group, and meet people that have the same affinity as you.  

TWIS Clothing: Explore | Enjoy | Connect